The brand is ultimately what determines if your customers become Loyal or not. The marketing may convince you to buy a particular Toyota, and maybe it’s the first foreign car you ever owned, but it is the brand that will determine if you will only EVER buy Toyota's for the rest of your life.

Responsive Design
Designing a website that is not responsive to modern day devices, is pretty much “One foot in the grave” for your business, in 2016, websites viewed on mobile devices overtook Desktop devices and the trend continues today. I can’t afford not to be responsive.

I thrive in building successful websites, defining the brand and the message while paying close attention to proper content strategy. Bottom-line is, I make websites that work. And, if your current website doesn’t work for you, let me build one that will!

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    On the spot website that deals with all the current media on the internet!
    John Meyer
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    Great service ! Very professional ! Will definitely recommend 😁
    Sam Brierley
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    Michael White is a true professional who makes the experience of building a website quite painless for a relatively non-techie person! He communicates well throughout the development of the site and is always available to offer support and guidance with any issues you may encounter. His designs are creative and imaginative. He asks for your input in terms of design and content and certainly delivers the brief you set for him. I would expect his rates are highly competitive and would have no hesitation in recommending the quality of his work. If you have been thinking about getting a website - have a chat with Michael first - we are so glad we did!!!
    Angela Curran
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    This is the first testimonial I have written but I was so impressed with the knowledge and service of Michael I just had to. Right from the start he kept me informed of progress and all the suggestions he made were very welcome and spot on, which made it very easy for me, a poor novice! Time was an issue and Michael worked the weekend to ensure my site was made and published on time. You don't often receive such brilliant attentive service.
    Gina Mahn
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    Michael @ Gecko Grafix was great! very knowledgeable, patient and helped us design a great website that will allow us to expand it in the future and his willingness to guide through every process, such as backend stuff with controlboard. I highly recommend his service
    Adrian Molina